January 11, 2009

That was fast

This might be a record for this blog. New doodles already? Well, I'm on a New Gods kick thanks to Aris and his redesigns ( click the link to see his blog ) and of course, to King Kirby's amazing imagination.

So I started off with the two most well-known characters, Darkseid and Orion. Well, with a pop-in by Desaad. I have to admit that I really like the inking job I did on Darkseid. Usually I do a horrible job but that one is pretty damned good.

I think I'm going to tackle Big Barda next ( rroowwrrr) and maybe Mister Miracle. Subject to change, of course.


Keith Conroy said...

Hee hee, Darkseid looks happy, not an evil I'm gonna enjoy killing you happy, more like 'I just got a new puppy' happy.
I like it. Orion looks good too.

George said...

Darkseid does have a new puppy that he's experimenting on. Can you now blame him for that smile?

Orion came out aight but I f'ed up the inking job on him. It will probably never be seen.

aris said...
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aris said...

Cool Gerorge nice thick lines. Look like you had channeled some Kirby there.

George said...

Thanks for the compliments, A!

I don't think you can draw these characters and not bring some of that Kirby vibe in them. Its intrinsic in the characters and you can't really top that.