February 14, 2009

Slight change of pace

Ok, I'm kinda having issues with my scanner. The usual repair techniques aren't helping. ( y'know...shaking it, banging on it, etc ) so until that's fixed, no new sketches. 

Some may think its a good thing but I ain't listening to that. So, I decided to upload something I did for my job. It's for a wall we had for the new Rolling Stone magazine t-shirts.

I basically used an 8 foot piece of gator board, a white pencil to draw the design then glitter glue to "ink" over the linework. After that was set, I cut out the Rolling Stone logo with a jig-saw and attached a guitar using wire and hot glue.

And voila!!

February 8, 2009

A hit n run post

Just a quick little thing to post before going to sleep.

So, I'm still on this New Gods kick ( no, Final Crisis didn't kill them for me ) so I have an inked copy of the Orion sketch I did and Big Barda.

Orion came out better than I thought but the Barda sketch is just bad. The body is completely off and the inking didn't help matters. Well, you're suppose to learn from your mistakes and this is a one to draw on. ( ha! )

Comments welcome, as usual.