January 7, 2009

Guess who?!?!

What a shocker! An update on this blog? Whodathunkit?

Honestly, I've been pushed to put some stuff up before I was ready but I crumble under pressure so here's a couple of new sketches. Nothing finished ( of course!) but its new and never before seen so, that's gotta do for now.

Anyways, I won't promise that I'm going to suddenly become a prolific beast but I'll try and add stuff from time to time.


Keith Conroy said...

................holy shit.

George said...

is it THAT bad?


Keith Conroy said...

No I was just in shock there was a new post. Two in less than a year!!!! You were starting to make me look good!

I like all the sketches, supes headshot came out very nice.

*corrected for spelling and grammer errors*